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В Nobodyвs feet are exactly like yours.

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The Chinese latest trends in women's hair styles has since lost seven kg, Dr. Lakdawala said at a press conference held in L H Hiranandani Hospital, Powai, on Friday. The Hiranandani team was first asked to operate on a 25-year-old-woman who weighed 170 kg during the workshop. The Chinese doctors said that they had so far only operated on 130 kg patients, said the doctor. After the girls operation, we were latest trends in women's hair styles to Qin as the heaviest man in Asia. Now, the Chinese doctors want to train at Hiranandani Hospital on the nuances of bariatric surgery. Given a recent surveys finding that 25 of Chinese men were obese, this is not surprising. Batches of four doctors will come in turn to train at hospital early next year, said medical director Dr Sujit Chatterjee. Bariatric surgery is used to reduced the size of the stomach of a morbidly obese person or one whose body mass index is over 37 BMI is equal to ones height divided by ones weight. Doctors either place a band around the stomach or a make a bypass between a portion of the stomach to the small intestine to reduce the effective area of the stomach.

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