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В Q Are you noticing your hair is getting thinner and shedding more than normal. A single hairs natural cycle is for it to grow for several years, then naturally fall out and be mid dle by new growth. If hair fall-out exceeds hair growth then thinning or baldness may become noticeable. Hair thinning is also a common sign of aging as natural hormones reduce in production and can be seen by the pattern of the thinning. Women are predisposed to mmiddle thinning while men have genetically predisposed receptors located in certain areas which results in male pattern baldness. Author Bio Naomi Mannino is a freelance writer who writes hairstyles for middle age women health, beauty, and fashion, with a specialty in writing about hair, hair loss and Alopecia. She is a contributing writer for HairLoss. Com who writes about hair loss condition and hair loss solutions. Skin care doesnt need to be expensive ahirstyles does it need to be complex.

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